Friday, October 24, 2008

Yes, We Watched Grey's Anatomy

Thanks to all our friends who emailed, texted and called us last night to tell us about tuning in to Grey's Anatomy. Once we got through all the silly 20-something drama, the storyline was pretty interesting.

Johns Hopkins was the actual facility to do this 6-at-once kidney transplant, back in April. It was pretty amazing! It gave a lot of hope to many who have been on the UNOS list for several years, and who have a potential donor who may not be a good match for them. Medicine is pretty awesome! I have been reading how they are taking a person's own stem cells (no fetus stem cell use) to grow a bladder. Places like Johns Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic are conducting these mind-blowing clinical trials right now.

We go back to Cedars next Thursday for the Rituxan infusion. Things are going well in every other way. Well....except Dave's profession. I mean, could you pick a more stressful job right now? If anyone has any suggestions how I should keep him away from his blackberry, MSNBC or Bloomberg during recovery ~ please let me know. You know, besides duct tape and tasers. Those I have! :)

I'll write more after next Thursday. God bless~

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