Wednesday, June 27, 2007


It's been almost nine months since Dave has taken Davey fishing. He just hasn't felt strong enough to carry his pole down to the lake's edge. Today he finally felt good enough!! Kidney function aside, this is a great sign that the Wegener's may be getting into remission! The lab tests are so vague, and can continue to fluctuate. We needed to see this! Thank you, God!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Update on Dave

I have been dreading this letter for awhile. But as circumstances look at this moment, Dave will undoubtedly need dialysis very soon. His kidney function continues to get worse. The biggest issue is finding out for sure that the Wegener’s is in remission. This would allow us to proceed with the kidney transplant, as well. His Nephrologist thinks the disease is in remission. This based on his other lab work vales that don’t seem to be deteriorating. How vague is that? He’ll see the Rheumatologist in a couple weeks. There doesn’t appear to be any need to debate the need for dialysis. A value is a value. It stinks! People can live a long, full life on dialysis. But we HAVE to get this disease in a remission state before proceeding with other life saving treatment.

Many of you who are my friends know that I have a tendency to hold too much in. Strong on the outside and falling apart on the inside? Well, the other night I had what Beth Moore calls a “pit moment". I was yelling at God (I have never yelled at God) and sobbing; just a complete mess! “Where is the glory in all of this for you?” I yelled. “Why???????” It brought me to my knees in a complete moment of weakness. Totally uncharacteristic of the Lisa so many of you know. But it was in that moment that God revealed to me that I was right….I can’t take anymore. But He can. In my weakness He is glorified! I am so scared right now. I am not strong in any imaginable way. I can’t see the future, and I hate that Dave is going through all of this NOW. I hate how our lives as a young married couple have changed so drastically (is it ok to say young at 40??)! All I know, for sure, is that somehow we will be OK. I have no idea how God is going to get us through this, but He will. It’s not really my problem to worry about (Ok…I’m still working on that one, give me a break)! But I know that I’m not supposed to worry about it.

I’m going to start researching the BEST places for kidney transplants. Plus looking into the pros and cons of getting a second biopsy. From what I have researched, it will show if there is active disease. If there is active disease, our plans will have to change a bit. It will be a while to get everything lined up. Once the dialysis begins, we are also praying that maybe it will clean his system to the point of making full renal recovery possible. While statistically that is a remote possibility, all things are possible with God.

Please continue your prayers. I know all of this is really, really scary for Dave. Pray for my boys, too. All of this has been hard on them. David (my oldest) is especially worried about his dad. Being that he’s only 9, we try to keep all the scary stuff away from him, but he still knows dad isn’t well, yet.

Thanks for the prayers!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Got a New Car !!

....and it's NOT a minivan!! YAY for me!!! After going through the last several years in a mini-van, I finally have graduated to a nice SUV. I can't tell you how happy I am. It's an Acura MDX.

First McNugetts and fries allowed to be eaten in the car. The kids are completely lost with this rule, of course. But I am hoping to keep it looking clean and not a kitchen -on -wheels for at least a few weeks.

The technology on this thing is insane, too! It came with three huge manuals, and of course I haven't the time to read them, so I am still an hour behind on my clock. But it has this cool voice activated thing (I don't know what else to call it... I know it has a name). Anyway, I press a button and tell the car to do just about anything, and then it repeats my command and DOES IT!! Is that NOT the coolest thing?? If only the children came with this button. The glitch is when the kids are talking in the back seat and I am asking it to turn on the CD player (or whatever) , and it hears something like "You want the nearest parking garage?" What?? The sad thing is, I haven't a clue how to turn the CD player on without using the voice thingy!

I even have a sun/moon roof! If you don't live in So. Cal, don't hate me, but I went driving down PCH and just loved having that sun and ocean air come right in. Now I remember why I like living here.

Ok, sorry for bragging. But I am just so thrilled with my new baby. I had to share.

(Picture coming)

Dave's 42nd b-day is tomorrow. Happy birthday, sweetheart! xxxooo

Saturday, June 16, 2007

This week

It's been a very full week. First, my mother-in-law has been released from the hospital! What wonderful news for all of us! She is progressing nicely with her therapy and catching up on some much needed sleep, after being in the hospital for about a month. Thanks for all the prayers.

The big news in my life is that my mom and dad have moved back to Southern California. They left the area for my dad's business 18 years ago. I was just 21 back then. After years of weekend visits and missing several holidays with my family, they are back! My poor mom did have to downsize from a three bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment, so there are boxes stacked on top of boxes right now in their place! Should be a fun week for all of us. Just having them here is such a blessing for me. I've needed the support so much in these last several months!

To all the guys from Saddleback Church's Men's Ministry...You are awesome! Dave has really enjoyed talking to you, and getting the emails. He has missed Thursday morning study so much. But it's tough for him to get up and get moving that early. Every week he tries. He misses you all very much. Plus Kenny is like his spiritual mentor, so he really needs his "fix" of God's Word delivered "guy style".

Dave's been feeling really good this week. PTL!! His birthday is on Wednesday, so we'll be spoiling him throughout the coming week!

To all the dad's out there, here's hoping you have a fun, relaxing Father's Day weekend!