Saturday, June 16, 2007

This week

It's been a very full week. First, my mother-in-law has been released from the hospital! What wonderful news for all of us! She is progressing nicely with her therapy and catching up on some much needed sleep, after being in the hospital for about a month. Thanks for all the prayers.

The big news in my life is that my mom and dad have moved back to Southern California. They left the area for my dad's business 18 years ago. I was just 21 back then. After years of weekend visits and missing several holidays with my family, they are back! My poor mom did have to downsize from a three bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment, so there are boxes stacked on top of boxes right now in their place! Should be a fun week for all of us. Just having them here is such a blessing for me. I've needed the support so much in these last several months!

To all the guys from Saddleback Church's Men's Ministry...You are awesome! Dave has really enjoyed talking to you, and getting the emails. He has missed Thursday morning study so much. But it's tough for him to get up and get moving that early. Every week he tries. He misses you all very much. Plus Kenny is like his spiritual mentor, so he really needs his "fix" of God's Word delivered "guy style".

Dave's been feeling really good this week. PTL!! His birthday is on Wednesday, so we'll be spoiling him throughout the coming week!

To all the dad's out there, here's hoping you have a fun, relaxing Father's Day weekend!

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