Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Got a New Car !!

....and it's NOT a minivan!! YAY for me!!! After going through the last several years in a mini-van, I finally have graduated to a nice SUV. I can't tell you how happy I am. It's an Acura MDX.

First rule....no McNugetts and fries allowed to be eaten in the car. The kids are completely lost with this rule, of course. But I am hoping to keep it looking clean and not a kitchen -on -wheels for at least a few weeks.

The technology on this thing is insane, too! It came with three huge manuals, and of course I haven't the time to read them, so I am still an hour behind on my clock. But it has this cool voice activated thing (I don't know what else to call it... I know it has a name). Anyway, I press a button and tell the car to do just about anything, and then it repeats my command and DOES IT!! Is that NOT the coolest thing?? If only the children came with this button. The glitch is when the kids are talking in the back seat and I am asking it to turn on the CD player (or whatever) , and it hears something like "You want the nearest parking garage?" What?? The sad thing is, I haven't a clue how to turn the CD player on without using the voice thingy!

I even have a sun/moon roof! If you don't live in So. Cal, don't hate me, but I went driving down PCH and just loved having that sun and ocean air come right in. Now I remember why I like living here.

Ok, sorry for bragging. But I am just so thrilled with my new baby. I had to share.

(Picture coming)

Dave's 42nd b-day is tomorrow. Happy birthday, sweetheart! xxxooo

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