Sunday, November 11, 2007

What we've been up to....

Hello to all our friends! Wow, it's been a while since I posted anything here. There's not much going on with Dave, right now. Well, that's not true..there's still a lot going on with Dave right now, but nothing I haven't already covered. He's still in dialysis three times a week, and still waiting to get on the kidney transplant list in January.

There are some really neat things that have happened over the last couple weeks. He was able to finally wear a dress shirt and tie into work last week, for the first time in a year. It was such a wonderful surprise to have him come downstairs, all dressed up, like he used to! Davey was so thrilled! He must have hugged his dad, that morning, for five straight minutes!

With all the mess that has gone on with his health, I am proud to say that he was acknowledged within his branch for having a 20% increase in his business for the last quarter. Ladies and gentlemen.....he's back!!

We had a fun Halloween. David was a soldier, and Joey was Spiderman ( the black costume). They looked so cute! Dave did Davey's camo make-up and he really looked authentic!

Now I am trying to plan Thanksgiving, and figure out the particulars. While I'm no Martha Stewart, I haven't killed anyone (as far as I know) with my cooking. But my mom has started to drop hints that she wants to go out! Go out??? On Thanksgiving? I'm getting a complex!

Oh yes...I turned 40 last week. I know, I don't look a day over 30, right? RIGHT!?!?! This birthday was a tough one for me. But I made it to the other side of the hill; kicking and screaming all the way, and surprisingly, it really isn't all that bad. I got a beautiful necklace from Dave and the one present I REALLY wanted....I was actually carded when buying cough syrup this week! OK, it was done half jokingly....but I don't care, it was awesome!!

Trying to make up for the lack of energy Dave had last year and the inability to put up our outside Christmas lights, I'm afraid we might be giving Clark Griswold a run for his money, this year! Dave has started planning what he is going to do outside, and it either is going to look amazing or we're going to end up with a letter from our homeowner's association! Either way I am just thrilled!

I guess that's it for now. Thanks for the emails. I have taken on a few more responsibilities this year; I am room mom for both boy's classes, doing a Tuesday night Bible study, and Chairing the Drama/ Music Booster club at school. What can I say, life is way better when I am busy!! I hear it keeps you looking young!

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