Friday, September 28, 2007


It’s been a few weeks since the biopsy, and Dave and I are coming to terms with the fact that no matter what, he needs a kidney transplant. We are now going forward with two different locations; UCLA and Scripps, in San Diego. One of his nephrologists told us that you can be on more than one list, as long as you are in a different “zone”.

There are a few people who have requested to be tested to be his donor. I’m still going to go forward with my plan to donate, if everything checks out with the testing. My brother wants to be used as a last resort, and we have a couple friends who have offered to be tested, too. We are trusting God that something will work out in this area. Thinking of Dave going through dialysis for another 7 years makes my heart break! It’s so hard on him…and doing it three times a week makes him physically exhausted.

He’s been through so much! He has remained so faithful during all these months. He is my hero in so many ways!

My new endeavor is to get word out to everyone we know about becoming an organ donor. It’s so easy, and all it takes (in CA, anyway) is a signature on record with the Dept of Motor Vehicles. There are so many lives that can be saved by just one person!

Also, I have purchased some awareness bracelets that I will be handing out or sending out to all our friends. This is just another way you can outwardly stand with us on this journey of getting through kidney failure and finally finding a matching kidney donor for transplant.

Be looking for those bracelets. :)

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