Friday, December 28, 2007

A Possible Flare....Need Your Prayers!

Last week Dave got some test results that showed a possible flare in his Wegener's. It may be due to the tapering of the Prednisone, so he has been advised to stop where he is for a month. Right now he is at 9mg per day, and was hoping to get down to 5mg by January to be eligible for the transplant list. Evidently this sometimes happens to people who taper down on their meds. It may not be a true sign that the disease has returned, especially since he remains non-symptomatic.

He took another blood test yesterday to recheck the levels, and we should (hopefully) know sometime next week or the week after.

Today he will get his sinuses and chest scanned, to make sure there are no changes in those areas, in case the disease has returned.

Please pray that all goes well....and this is nothing more than a bit of reaction from tapering off the meds.

The specialist in Cleveland did write to me, and tell me that the blood test was only about 50% accurate in determining active disease. So we are very hopeful!!

Thanks and God bless.

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