Sunday, January 27, 2008

The testing begins....update on Dave

Dave is still going through dialysis three times a week. He changed his days to T/TH/Sa, but while that gives him three full days at work, it decreases the time he gets to spend at home, so that may not work out. Although with the Market doing what it has for the past two weeks, he was happy to be there to put out all kinds of fires! Wow! What a time to be in investments! With the year in politics going full swing, and the uncertainty of the election looming, it's going to be a bumpy ride for the next few months.

As we are getting into the swing of this new year, it is now time for me to begin the testing process to see if I am compatible to be Dave's kidney donor. We know that by blood typing alone, I can donate, because I am O Positive (the universal donor). So now I will go through tissue sampling and a battery of tests that will check the function ability of my kidneys.

It would have been such a blessing if someone from Dave's family would have come forward to donate. Not only because it will be difficult to have both of us out of commission for at least a week, having two little kids to care for. But the rejection factor is so much lower if the donation were to come from a sibling or even a cousin. He'll have to take many more anti-rejection drugs receiving my kidney than he would have to take if the donation were a relative. The scary thing is that these drugs, while preventing the body from rejecting the new organ, also carry with them a higher incidence of causing certain forms of cancer. We continue to pray that God will touch one of his relatives' hearts, and a miracle will happen! If not....we rest assured knowing that He is in control.

One good thing is that we have been blessed with a number of people who are incredibly kind and want information about donating. My brother is one. Then we have three friends who want to offer, and by blood type are matches! God really has blessed us!! I try to remember that when I start to feel so overwhelemed with fear!

Dave has put off his hernia surgery until the end of February. We have been invited to an event at the Ronald Regan Library in early February, honoring the Medal of Honor winners, so he didn't want to be hindered in anyway from enjoying the festivities that evening! Me's a black tie event, so it should be really fun. Something that we certainly haven't done in years! The only real dancing we've done is at weddings, and the Chicken Dance really shouldn't count as dancing!!

Ok.... will fill you all in as stuff happens.

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