Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I really need to know when it became politically incorrect within the Christian community to use the word “Easter”. I didn’t get the memo, evidently.

Last night as I was paying for a daily devotional at my local Christian bookstore, I wished the lady behind the counter (who is easily 20 years younger than me) a “Happy Easter”. To my surprise she corrected my terminology. Huh??? She says Easter is a pagan holiday, and therefore we now only say Resurrection Day….not Easter. Excuse me? When did that occur? I mean, yeah I’ve seen the phrase. So I tell her, “I still use “Easter” to mean the same thing.” “Well, it’s not”, she continued.

It is this very uptight, condescending behavior that is turning people off from our faith. I mean, come on. I’m hardly glorifying the pagans by buying a daily devotional! We do, however, decorate eggs and the Easter Bunny still comes to our house. So, is that something I should hide from other brothers and sisters in Christ, for fear of being judged? What has happened to all of us? Honestly, when I was a kid….we had egg hunts at church! Now, it’s considered by a lot of Evangelicals to be right up there with worshipping a tree! Have we really become that sanctimonious?

I hope that during this holiest of seasons, especially during the next few days, we can keep our eyes, hearts and minds on the true meaning of what it is we are celebrating. Our Lord died for us, so that we could be forgiven and made whole….and then he ROSE, so that we could share eternity with Him! Let’s celebrate Christ’s victory over death, and through Him, ours as well!!

Happy Easter! He is Risen!!

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