Thursday, March 27, 2008

Medicine's Cutting Edge....Re-growing Organs

Medicine is so cool!! I just have to say that! There is research going on right now that one day (possibly soon) could help people, like Dave, who need organ transplants. Of course the research needs investment capital to further this study...but it’s truly amazing!

There is this substance that can be taken from a pig’s bladder. It’s called extracellular matrix, and surgeons have already been using this protein and connective tissue mixture to repair tendons. It holds some possible secrets behind the emerging new science of regenerative medicine.

Essentially this substance tells the body to start tissue regrowth. Scientist do believe that every tissue in the body has cells which are capable of regeneration, it’s just finding which cells, enough of those cells, and then (in theory) directing them to re-grow.

Successful finger, skin and even bladder regeneration have already been documented!

This is so exciting for people who are on transplant lists. Obviously if a person’s own cells are used to regenerate an organ, there would no longer be the need for anti-rejection meds after the transplant. That would lessen the severe side effects and drastically decrease the chance of cancer in these patients.

Amazing stuff!!

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