Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back to,....really!

I’m a 40 year old sophomore! Yes, I guess you can say I am going through a mid-life crisis, now. Although it might have been easier to get a sports car! After several years of thinking about going back to school, I have finally plunged into it. I thought about going further with my nursing career, maybe going for my practitioner’s license, but since I have been out of the field for so many years, I would have to re-do a lot of my sciences over, anyway. Let’s just say I am pretty rusty!!

After a lot of thought, and prayer, I am going for my B.A. in Communications, with an emphasis in business marketing. What will I do with that? Well I guess that part is up to God, and wherever He may lead me. I don’t worry about that stuff these days. :) The bad part is that a lot of what I took in college for my nursing is not transferable to this degree. Like I said, I’m a 40 yr old sophomore. How funny is that?

I’ve been in class for over a month and am doing great. I love being back at school, and using a part of my brain that I sort of had to dust off! It’s good to be busy in a productive way.

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