Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Testing Begins

Dave’s case did not make it to committee last week, but we are expecting it to go through this week. After a few days on the phone with all sorts of business office people, they have allowed Alex to test for donor compatibility. He went down to LA yesterday, and we should know within 2 weeks if he is a match!

We got Dave’s histology results back yesterday, and I haven’t a clue how to read them! There is one area that is concerning us, and that is this value that sometimes indicates a higher rate of organ rejection. The number should be below 30% (essentially his body would reject 30% of all donors). His number is 66%. We freaked a bit on that. But I spoke to the nurse in charge of Dave’s case, and she said that at Cedar’s they can do an infusion of some kind of Immuno-globulin thing that will decrease his antibodies. I know…too much jargon! What it means is that they have ways to deal with this sort of situation! Thank God!

If Alex is a match in the other areas then things are looking good to move ahead! Please continue to lift this up to God. We are so thankful for your prayers!!

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