Sunday, April 27, 2008

The latest.....

I have received a lot of mail requesting and update on Dave, and I thought this might be the best forum to give everyone that update.

First, he did great on his stress test! The doctor was very impressed with the strength of his heart and the relatively good health that Dave is in (minus of course his end stage renal disease). Funny, about 10 years ago if someone were to mention to either of us that our health was good, we would have thought, “Well, what?”

The reports were faxed over to Cedars Sinai this past Friday. When the transplant committee checks things over, supposedly on Thursday, his case will then be officially OPEN!! This means that all of the potential donors can get their blood tested, and we can see who the best match to Dave is. All of us have submitted our paper work, so we are ready to go.

For everyone except Alex, who has already had all the invasive testing, there will be more testing to follow, but we'll cross that bridge as we have to. Most of the other stuff is to make sure the donor is a healthy candidate, and that his/her life would not be adversely affected if he/she were to donate a kidney. As of right now, Alex is still on board and seems to want to donate to Dave if the blood testing shows them to be a match.

One very interesting thing happened this past Thursday morning. I received a call form a lady in Arizona, looking for Dave. Thinking it was your run-of-the-mill cold call, I told her who I was, and offered to assist her. To my amazement, she got Dave’s info online at, and wanted to speak to him about being a donor! Isn’t that amazingly wonderful???? I mean, God has really been raining blessings on us this past month from all over the place.

We now have 5 people, including myself, that will be tested to donate to Dave.

Thanks for all your prayers, and well wishes. Thanks also for lifting him up in prayer at your churches and prayer groups. We are witnessing the miracle of prayer on so many levels.

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