Friday, April 18, 2008

Looking Good

Thank you for all your prayers today! I just wanted to fill everyone in on what the latest is...

Dave has been initially cleared through Cedars Sinai. All he needs to get to them are results from a stress test (and I will schedule that this afternoon for next week). After that test gets read and sent to them, they will present his case to their committee and then once he is approved financially and physically ( which is more a formality, now), he will be on the active list at Cedars. It's at this point that his potential donor(s) can test. Then ( I believe) the transplant can take place relatively soon after all that. We are really hoping to get this done sometime within the next few months!

Things are really moving ahead at a great pace. Once again, thank you for all the prayers, and positive messages we have received. Please pass on word to your prayer warriors, churches and friends who have held Dave up in prayer. Share with them how grateful we are to all of them, and how God is working in this matter. :)

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