Sunday, April 6, 2008

Update on the meeting

Since I'm not ready to send out an "all points bulletin" just yet, I will briefly cover what went down at today's meeting between Dave and the potential kidney donor.

It went well. Really well. While the donor still plans on meeting with a couple other possible recipients within the next couple weeks, the two guys got a chance to talk in depth and sort of bond a bit.

The next order of business is for Dave to contact the transplant program's director at UCLA and demand that testing begin ASAP. They have given us the run around and not medically cleared him to begin testing, which will be addressed, rather sternly, tomorrow. Once Dave gets some testing done we will compare it to his potential donor, who has already had his testing, and see how compatible the two are. That's a big issue, and really the place we need to start.

So as of right now, our plan is to get up to UCLA and get this ball rolling!

Once testing has been completed, we can transfer to another program or stick with UCLA, whatever would be the most advantageous for all concerned.

As always, your prayers are truly appreciated!

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Dani E said...

Fly to Pittsburgh and have UPMC do it 0=) We have a world renowned transplant team there!!!!