Monday, July 21, 2008

Updates and Baptism

We have received some more good news. Cedars called and it looks like Dave's cousin is actually the best match of the group. I guess his results got stuck in immunology, because Dave has this high rejection factor that they will have to work around. He would reject pretty much everyone without strong anti-rejection medicine. I am now #3 on the list.

So we are proceeding forward with the second battery of tests. These are a bit more invasive, but they are actually for the benefit of the donor; making sure that they are not physically putting themselves in jeapordy.

Now for some awesome news! My son David was Baptized this Sunday at church!! As a mom, to know that your child has personally accepted Christ, and has made this important decision on their! What a blessing! Pastor Steve Baptized David, and then the entire church held hands, sung and welcomed him into the family! It was so beautiful. Needless to say, we are so very proud of David.

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