Friday, August 15, 2008

Home Schooling

For the past three years, I have felt that God was trying to get me to listen to Him about homeschooling my kids. I did the Jonah thing, and sort of ignored Him. Maybe if I hum loudly enough the thought will flee. Besides, I am not good enough, smart enough nor do I have the time to home school my kids....come on, plate is full.

So as I sat here doing my own online homework the other morning, the thought came again. I call it a thought, but it was sort of a voice (no, not in the schizophrenic way) in my head telling me to home school David. I replied like normally....hmmmmm. But this time, no good. It was like there was something (or someone) pushing me forward into this craziness of researching home schooling options.

I called Dave, who was buried under work stuff, and started my conversation with, "Honey, you know that thought I get every year before school starts.....? " He replied, "You want to home school, right?" He's so smart! Knowing that Dave was not on board with this method of teaching, I felt compelled to do my homework and get as much information as possible to present to him. Trying to make it more of a fact seeking mission rather than a decision I wanted to validate. know what I mean, right? Husbands don't take too kindly to being pushed into a corner, even if you feel like God is doing the pushing. So, I had to handle it gently.

Now, a few days later, after a lot of prayer and some uncharacteristic patience on my part, Dave is also on board! We spoke to our son, who will be entering the 5th grade and he was pretty good with the idea. We assured him that there will be times (a lot of times) where he will socialize with other kids. He will still have his Wednesday night church group, and could even join another AWANA's group where some of his friends go, if he wanted. He's good with it. I am at peace, even though in all reality I should be really nervous about this undertaking. But it must be from God, because with the decision came clarity and peace. Pretty cool!

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