Thursday, August 21, 2008

More on Home Schooling David

It's official, we are home schooling. Poor Dave, not in his wildest dreams could he have ever imagined that I would have gone this direction or that he would have agreed to it. God is pretty amazing!

The challenge now is to convince some of our extended family that we are not going nutty. We will not be raising goats in the front yard, doing all our own baking and canning, and I will not be wearing long dungaree dresses and braiding my hair. Well, at least not right away! :)

Truthfully I sort of feel like I am walking on ice. I haven't got my footing yet with a daily direction, but thankfully I am using the many friends I have who home school already as valuable resources. We will figure it out. Everyone keeps telling me not to stress about it, just enjoy the experience. Ok, I'm having what?

We did meet with David's school principal. What a great man! He is a Christian and totally believes in home schooling. Isn't that wonderful!?! He was more than accommodating, and will even let us use the school as an umbrella to cover any of the state requirements we might have.

How is Davey? He is really good. He is not anxious at all, and seems to be enjoying the independence he has from a more relaxed form of learning. We really think this is a good thing for us, whether for a "season" or indefinitely. God will lead.

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