Monday, November 17, 2008

As I am packing the bags for our little trip up to LA, I wanted to stop long enough to say "thank you" to our friends, and family. We have been lifted up in prayer by people all over the country! Both Dave and I are truly humbled at all the love, support, and encouragement that keeps coming our way. When I put a bulletin out that prayer is needed, I get responses almost immediately! We are blessed by you!

I probably won't post on the blog until next week. I will be calling people while I am in traffic on the 405 this week, so you might get a call, sometime!

Again~ thank you for the prayers and love!! God has brought us this far for some purpose. While we are not sure what that is, we remain faithful to His call and His plan for our lives.


Sharon said...

Lisa, I "ran into" David on Facebook. We were friends in high school and he gave me a link to your blog. We have been praying for him, and for you all, and are still praying the surgery went well and the recovery will be as short as possible!
Your blog is an awesome testimony to your faith and to our God!!!
Sharon Griffing

Lisa said...

Hey Sharon, nice to meet you! I will try to get something new up here sometime this week.... my poor brain needs some rest. :)

Thank you for the prayers. God continues to bring new brothers and sisters into our lives through this crazy time. We are blessed,indeed!