Monday, November 24, 2008

You know you are in a hospital in Beverly Hills when...

We made it home on Saturday after a very eventful week up in LA. The people at Cedars Sinai were just wonderful! I want to work there when I grow up!! They took such excellent care of Dave, and made sure I had a nice bed beside him on the nights I stayed up there. The nursing staff was top notch! The doctors....well, what can I say...they (with the help of our God) saved my husband's life!

I knew I was in LA when, on the day of Dave's surgery, I was waiting in the recovery waiting room with a well known actress ~ who was also waiting to hear about her husband. We ended up becoming good buddies, sharing our novels (although neither of us had enough brain power left to read beyond a 4th grade level that night) and phone numbers. I think the term "networking" sort of fits, as we talked about philanthropy projects we were interested in helping, and as I ended up giving her my card so I could work with her at an event scheduled early next year at the new Ronald Reagan building at UCLA. Too funny!!

Reality came back into focus as both of our husbands finally got their rooms, and we hugged as we went on to different units of the hospital. Only in LA, baby!

Oh...there was a Starbucks in the lobby, too. How cool is that? I am still coming down from my skinny vanilla latte' highs of last week.

Upon waking from the cloudiness of anesthesia, Dave was already looking better than when he went into surgery. Amazing how that little kidney was already fast at work cleaning all the gunk out of his bloodstream. When I see how our bodies work, I am always shocked by those who think we just evolved from some slime that crawled out of the water.

Although the trip to Beverly Hills was grueling from south Orange County....and I really do get the whole road rage thing, now...I am so happy that God led us to this facility. As a Christan, my faith is what glues me together. It was not a cross, but rather the Star of David that shone down from the outside wall of the hospital entrance. Faith abides inside. That gave both of us a a huge sense of comfort! Faith in the one true God and His abiding love and power.

We have made it home, and Dave is doing great! He continues to lose weight, and his body is functioning again! Praise God!

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Rachel Ricchio said...

okay lis, you have to spill the beans...who is the celeb?