Wednesday, December 3, 2008


After years of trying to figure out how to get back into the medical field, and then deciding on becoming a PA, today was my first orientation at one of the three area universities that has a MS in Physician's Assistants. To my sad surprise, the program is two 27 unit semesters of lecture and classroom studies, and one entire year of clinical rotations. The rotations are awesome. They place you, and it could be as far away as Lake Arrowhead or the inner city. The tricky part is that the rotations are broken into 4 weeks of each major specialty, so your hours are whatever your supervising physician's hours are.

I am a mom. I have a household to run. I am a home schooler. How on earth am I going to do this???

To top it all off, as I sat there in the lecture hall, toggling somewhere between depression and exhilaration, the speaker gives an example of someone who really should re-think their commitment to the program. Are you ready for this? The example he gave was a "...mother of young children, married, who lived farther than 30 minutes from the campus, like Orange County." When he was asked (by another student) how far was too far, his answer was, "...oh probably Mission Viejo."

Seriously, was this divine intervention or just plain bad luck??

I am praying about this, and hoping God will continue to guide me in all of this career stuff.

Tomorrow I will begin checking out more options, and see where I land.

Tonight I am going to have a cup of cocoa and take a hot bath....

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