Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekly Clinic

It took the better part of three hours (THREE HOURS) to drive up to the hospital today. There must have been accidents galore, or something weird, because what is usually a long two hour trip during rush hour was nearly unbearable. Plus, Dave and I don't like the same music. I love praise music in the morning, but when I am driving in stop and go traffic, I need Creed or Nickleback or Daughtry to keep me from zoning out. Dave likes country music. I like a little country, but not a lot. Sort of like Donny and Marie...ha ha! So we end up playing a game of "my turn" with the radio stations. Then it happened. As I am stuck...literally sitting on the 405, my fuel light starts blinking. Oh no!!

We finally got up to Cedars Sinai at almost 9:30 AM. That's late, really late. Dave is supposed to have blood work done between 8 AM and 8:30 AM. No way that was happening this morning. But we made it; better late than never.

It seemed that everyone we talked to at the transplant clinic had heard about Dave's eventful Friday. It was pretty funny when even the receptionists were asking him if he was planning on staying out of the hospital longer than a week this time. I told them I was convinced that he must have a weird love of green jello, and it just tastes better in one of those adjustable beds!

We got his lab results this evening. Good news! Every level looks really good. They are bringing down his rejection medication, which indicates that his body is taking well to the new kidney. His blood sugar has stabilized, which I was pretty concerned about. His creatinine levels are completely normal!! Amazing results!!

We will be going back on Friday for another clinic and more blood work. Maybe I will ask Santa for a helicopter this year! That would be a lot easier than driving!! :)

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