Thursday, May 17, 2007

2nd Infusion scheduled for tomorrow

Tomorrow (5/18), Dave will be getting his second and hopefully last infusion of Rituxan. While there is less of a chance to have any severe side effects, after making it through the initial round ok, there is always a risk. He did so well last time that we are expecting to give you an even better report on Saturday!

Please keep him in your prayers tonight and tomorrow. We will see his Rheumatologist next week and find out more about the follow up and when his blood tests should show signs of a possible remission.

His last blood test, taken this week, shows no improvement in his kidney function. Actally showing a slight increase in creatinine, but not enough to make the renal function % any different.

We think the blood thinner issue has improved. He will get that tested today.

Dave was scanned on Monday to see what was going on with that clot. It is still there, but it's smaller. It has even moved DOWN his leg. So that's really good. We're not too worried about it traveling upward now.

Thanks for lifting Dave up in prayer. We are hoping that this is it. God willing, we can announce that he is in remission and has improved kidney function within the next few weeks!

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