Monday, May 14, 2007

First Post...and some updates

Dave and I have been blessed with so many friends and extended family members that want updates on his condition, that I thought this would be a better venue to get a daily account of the happenings in our lives; specifically in Dave's recovery progress. So, please check in as often as you would like. I am not brilliant when it comes to stuff like this, so if any of you computer-types have suggestions, I will gladly listen!

If I need to request prayer for a specific day...I will still email our usual prayer warriors!

As of today, May 14, the newest piece of medical hoopla is that the Coumadin that Dave was taking to thin his blood, is working a little too well. We thought that when he started bruising from Joey sitting on his lap (our 40 lb son), there might be an issue with his clotting time. After a weekend of not getting any answers from the brilliant doctors in our group, we decided, on our own, to stop his Coumadin. God is always watching out for us! Even after missing a whole dose yesterday, his clotting time is pretty bad. His blood is too thin. So there could have been a risk of internal bleeding, and further worsening the already bad anemia had he not stopped the meds on his own! Man...why are we paying these guys, again?

My poor husband looks like he was in a fight...and lost!

Oh...and to top off the morning, I got a ticket! I didn't wear my seatbelt after leaving Davey's school, and the OC Sheriff got me! Is it Monday, or what??

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