Monday, February 11, 2008

Medal of Honor Winner's Gala

Dave and I were guests at the Congressional Medal of Honor Winner's Gala this past Saturday, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. It was a great evening, and we were in the presence of true heroes from every branch of the military. Not being in his dress blues, Dave felt a little strange, but I was so proud of him, and the service he also gave our counrty!!

We started out by touring Air Force One, which was truly awesome. Before being retired, it had served 7 Presidents, ending with George W. Most of it's air miles were under President Reagan, so that's why it resides at his library. We were able to see the President's quarters and walk through the whole plane before the evening's festivities began. You can imagine how many canisters of Jelly Bellies were in that cabin!

There were a ton of government dignitaries and military personnel present. Several actors were also there, to include Gary Sinese, Tom Selleck , Kevin Sorbo and Miguel Ferrer. We had the chance to spend a couple minutes talking with Gary Sinese, who has gone over to Iraq and Afghanistan several times to entertain and suport the troops. What a very nice, and humble man!

It was an honor for us to be included in this wonderful celebration!

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