Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When the Flu attacks....

For the last 15 years I have managed to not catch the flu. The last time I had this super-bug I was traveling home from NYC, and was so sick, all I did was sleep and ....sleep some more. If I had gotten on the wrong plane, it wouldn't have mattered. All I wanted was a soft spot to die...or rest, whatever.

So fast forward to now. This has been my family's sickest year on record. And I'm referring to 2008. I have a little guy in Pre-K who is currently building his immunity by catching every virus that crosses his path. Then, being generous, he shares it with his older brother. Dave and I have remained ok, until now. But It finally caught up with us...the crud...the headache, fever, chills, and malaise. Man!! I can not be sick!! Too much to do.

But here I am sitting in bed, with my 5 year old who shared his virus with me over the weekend. While Dave and Davey have just left for the doctor's . Yes, we are all UNCLEAN!!

This is a lame post, but it's my way of venting. I hate not feeling well. I am usually immune to getting sick, really. But this cold / flu season is the worst I can remember.

Ok, I'm going to watch another episode of SpongeBob and then maybe we can take a nap???? Please!!!

Anyone know how many days until Summer???

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