Monday, September 15, 2008

Homeschooling Update

I have gotten so many emails asking how the home schooling is going, that I thought I would write a little something on the blog.

If anyone watched the season premiere of SNL, you saw the skit depicting the kids on the home schooled team competing with the kids from the public schooled team. Of course the home schoolers were Amish and didn't know anything about REAL biology (gremlins are what carry O2 throughout the bloodstream), but it sure was funny!! It pretty much sums up how some people in our extended family feel about the whole home schooling thing. I guess I shouldn't take it too personally when someone asks me, in a rather worried tone, if I feel smart enough to educate my 5th grader. I DID pass the 5th grade once before! :)

But, really, I don't take it too seriously. I know that David and Joe are so happy. So much less anxious. I am too. Plus they are able to let their God-given creativity flow through the learning process.

David was really into the events of 9/11, and what had actually happened that terrible morning. So I let him research it, and asked him to use the facts to write a fictional story about that morning. He did an awesome job with character development, and wrote a great 5 page story.

Another great advantage to our new adventure is that we are able to start our day with scripture and some praise music. Making God our first focal point of the day really puts the rest of the day into perspective. It grounds me. I can only hope it is doing the same for the boys.

Thanks for all the encouragement. Keep sending it, okay?

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