Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's a Match

Most of you already know that we now have a matching donor for Dave's kidney transplant. Thrilled is not a big enough word to describe how we both, all four of us feel! Also very, very blessed and humbled at God's compassion toward's our family.

The case goes before the medical board at Cedar's Sinai's transplant department this coming week, and then we should hear back from the case coordinator soon afterwards to set up something for Dave and the surgery team.

From what we remember, it may take anywhere from one to four months on the anti-rejection medication before they will schedule surgery. Dave will be doing special infusions, since his rejection factor is so high. Another way that God's blessing is evident: Cedar's is one of the few places in the nation that handles cases like Dave's. Of course we would never have known it, but had we been at another facility, chances are good that they would have labeled Dave's case as non-transplantable. His life would have been limited and ultimately shortened due to needing ongoing hemo dialysis. God is good, indeed!!

I will keep you all posted through this site....thanks for all the encouraging words you have sent to us. We love you all!!