Saturday, July 14, 2007

And so it begins

This week Dave began his dialysis every other day. It’s been tough to get used to, and surprisingly it comes with some side effects, like headache and nausea. I was hoping he’d actually feel better after getting it done, but he says he feels about the same. Not that he felt too awful before it started!

He is definitely in remission. His rheumatologist saw him on Friday, and confirmed it. So, at this point we are keeping most of our attention on his kidney function and just covering our bases by looking into several kidney transplant centers in Southern California. So far we like: UCLA, Cedars of Sinai, Loma Linda and possibly Scripps in San Diego. He can be on more than one list, as long as it’s not within the same general area…so we’ll have to choose between UCLA and Cedars for the LA area.

I am the only person willing to donate, at this point. So wherever we go, I will have all the tests to see if I’m a match and can be his live donor. I shouldn’t say I’m the only willing person….his dad and my mom both have offered, but they are both over the age 55, which is usually the cut-off. So, I’m it, hopefully. If he can’t get a donated kidney, then there is a long waiting list, based on several factors. It would take years, sometimes.

We’re sure that God will provide. He’s blessed us so much already!

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