Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Pre-Op Today

Dave saw Dr. Kubaska, a vascular surgeon at UCI today. He will go forward with surgery on Thursday to place the fistula and a perma-line (which ironically is a temporary line) so that dialysis can begin right away, if needed.

Today consisted of all the pre-op stuff plus a fun new procedure called “vein mapping”. He left the hospital with purple marker all over his arms…looking like a map!

His blood Creatinine level is still rising; a few tenths of a point, but still rising. So we’re both very glad that this procedure is happening. At least now, if things get to a dangerous level, he can go right in for dialysis.

If you are reading this before Thursday 1pm, PDT….please say a little prayer that all goes well during the short surgery. Having any type of kidney failure puts you a greater risk during any procedure using general anesthesia. God is in control!

On a lighter note; have fun at your 4th of July celebrations! We are going to have a little get-together, ourselves. BBQ a few burgers and invite the neighborhood kids over for Dave’s annual pyrotechnical extravaganza! Should be fun. We need a day off with some fun!!

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