Saturday, July 7, 2007

Remission.....At last!!

I am so thrilled to post this! We got Dave's latest test results yesterday, and it shows that the disease is no longer active, he is in REMISSION!!! Praise God!

This has been the hardest thing we, as a family, have had to go through. With God's grace, maybe we won't ever have to go through something like this again.

The last 10 months have been really hard on his kidneys. So, while the Rituxan infusions still may work at getting his kidneys to function again, right now they are only functioning at 10%. he will begin dialysis this coming week. But we are holding firm that God's in control of this situation, and that His timing is perfect.

The great thing about remission (besides the obvious) is that now his other vital organs will be safe! Many Wegener's patients experience life threatening lung, heart, and brain conditions that can not be treated effectively. So we are beyond relieved!! Also, since he is in a remission state, if he needs a kidney transplant, he is eligible now.

Thanks for all the prayers these many months. We are positive that without prayer, the results of the this situation would not have been so great!

As for me, I'm floating, and when my feet touch the ground, I'm dancing!! Thank you Lord for healing my guy!!

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